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Matrix Calculator Pro is a powerful calculator that allows you to operate with real and complex matrices. The first thing to select before entering the corresponding values for the matrices A and B is the format of the matrix (rectangular or polar). Then you need to enter the parameters like coefficient (X), precision, number of row and columns. After that you can enter the values for the matrices manually and then align them, and in the result panel, you need to enter what type of operation you wish to perform with the matrices, for instance: A+B, rank (A), LU (B), to name but a few. If you are not sure what those abbreviations mean, you can check the manual for help, where you can get all the explanations for them and other features of the program. The application is extremely easy to use and intuitive, so that any student or expert can handle it. Besides, it is very nice and clean. All in all, Matrix Calculator Pro is a wonderful tool for students and teachers alike that can help them check the result of complex and real matrices in seconds.

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